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Help me become the next leader of Orange, together we will make a difference. I am passionate about my city and am committed to putting everything I have into becoming the next Orange City Councilman. 

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Fiscally Conservative

I believe in responsible management of our City's financial resources. I take my fiduciary responsibility of your tax dollars seriously. By limiting, and evaluating our spending we can continue to have a financially healthy community.


Public Safety

I will promote local public safety and support our Orange's First Responders in an effort to maintain our low crime rates and to help keep our community safe.


Supporting Local Businesses

By offering business incentives and streamlining the start-up process, the City will experience an increase in revenue as business grows.

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Education and Workforce Development

Educating our students and providing an opportunity to gain real-world experience will lead to a better prepared and well trained workforce.


Preserving our Past

I will encourage preservation and restoration of our past thus creating a strong foundation for our future.


Your Voice

The city of orange

My vision for the Office of City Council is to offer fresh perspectives, solutions, ideas, and opportunities. Increasing the responsiveness of city leaders will create better relationships between the citizens and the city. As your next City Councilman I will work with the community to achieve the goals set for the city each year.  As we preserve and restore the history of Orange we can better ensure a successful future.

I feel the role of an elected official is to hear the people and help orchestrate a response to their needs. My goal is to work for the citizens, take more time to hear your voices and provide the best customer service possible.  

City issues?

Tell me about City issues you face daily. I want to hear the voices of the citizens.

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